Register now: LIMIT® at the NAFEMS world congress 2021

NAFEMS world congress 2021

Dr. Nikolaus Friedl, in charge of the development of LIMIT®, will be part of the NAFEMS world congress. His presentation with the title “Efficient stress linearization in FEA continuum models for weld fatigue assessment” will focus on the new feature of LIMIT®, the sections. They were developed in order to analyze weld throats in models meshed with solids. Based on nodal forces and an unique linearization scheme LIMIT® calculates structural stresses in the throat of fillet welds. This way the assessment of root points in fillet and lap welds is possible without the necessity of effective notch modeling. More about sections here!

The NAFEMS World Congress will take place from 25th until 29th of October 2021 online. It covers every aspect of engineering modeling, analysis and simulation. That includes core topics like FEA, CFD and MBD in a large number of lectures. Please find more information here! Register now!

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