CAE Simulation & Solutions was founded in September 2000 by Wolfgang Krach. In August 2001 Walter Vonach and in July 2002 Nikolaus Friedl joined the company as partners.

In 2003 a limited liability company was founded by Dr. Krach, Dr. Vonach and Dr. Friedl resulting in the new company name CAE Simulation & Solutions Maschinenbau Ingenieurdienstleistungen GmbH.

Besides the longtime experience perfoming simulation projects for the industry – starting in 1993 – a main reason for the three founders to start CAE was the time they spent together working as research assistants at the Institute of Lightweight Design and Aerospace Engineering. Therefore, CAE Simulation & Solutions can be considered as a direct spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology. The academic fields of the partners – biomechanics, lightweight design and aeroelasticity – complement each other well.

The application of numerical simulation methods (FEM and CFD) is the common base of all activities. Over the years the simulation activities were extended to other areas such as multi-body dynamics (MBD) and coupled analysis. Especially fluid-structure interactions (FSI) and MBD-FEM coupling are common in current projects.


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Dr. Walter Vonach

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