Hip prosthesis

Hüftendoprothesen 1
Project content was the modeling and calculation of the human femur with implanted hip prosthesis as well as the calculation of a conventional titanium stem and an ‘isoelastic’ hip stem to enable a comparison of the two materials used (titanium alloy and CFRP-reinforced PEEK, respectively).

– Patient-specific bone material parameters based on computed tomography data

– Use of implant geometry (Alloclassic stem) based on CAD data (Unigraphics; IGES)

– Load data according to gait analyses on patients (literature values)

The figures in the reference sheet show a reconstruction of individual CT sections, the 3D FE model of the bone-implant system used, and two results for the titanium stem and the isoelastic stem.

med huefte2
med huefte3


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