Pipeline vibration

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On a pipeline acting as a safety bypass system for a pumping station, vibrations occurred at the pipes and fittings under special oil pressure constellations.
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This is a strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problem, where structural oscillations create pressure fluctuations that can activate the safety valve. The opening and closing of the safety valve creates pulses that in turn excite the structure.

The objective of the investigation was to identify the exact cause of the vibration and to develop appropriate measures.

Finite element analyses were used to analyze the dynamic behavior of the oil-filled, and partially buried pipes.

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Ultimately, for the critical vibration mode, an analytical numerical model with three degrees of freedom was developed to study valve flutter processes, describing the coupled motions of structure, oil and valve.

Through intensive comparison of numerical results and a wide variety of measurements, an explanation for the cause of the vibration was finally found and measures were initiated.


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