Vehicle frame

In the present project, the basic task was to determine the necessary weld seams or weld seam cross sections as well as weld seam types.

Fahrzeugrahmen 1
In a vehicle frame – predetermined by its geometric dimensions – the task was to limit the necessary welding work to the smallest possible frame.
Fahrzeugrahmen 2
The weld seams were automatically extracted from an FEM shell model of the vehicle frame and then evaluated. Using the LIMIT® program, it was thus possible to determine the weld cross sections without having to perform the calculations of the cutting forces anew in each case.

An evaluation of the weld stresses for the respective seam type or seam cross-section is possible in postprocessing independently of the FE calculation.

With the above procedure, it has been possible to reduce multilayer welding or the use of machined seams to the necessary areas.


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