Aerodynamics of an APM

The project objective was to analyze the aerodynamics of the cabin of an “automated people mover” (APM).

APMs are often used in exposed locations as elevated vehicles on special track bodies or rail systems. They are therefore
exposed to increased wind loads, which have to be taken into account in the design of the undercarriage.

In this case, in addition to determining the drag coefficient as accurately as possible, the influence of the rail system on the flow around the vehicle was also of interest.

The sum of all pressure loads acting on the vehicle results in a lateral force and a tilting moment, which have an influence on the design of the chassis.

The images in the reference sheet show the model with the surface mesh of the APM, the streamlines around the entire structure and the pressure distribution in a plane in the center of the vehicle.

vt apm3
vt apm2


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