Product development requires one thing in particular: knowledge. Besides handling engineering projects we offer training courses and seminars on selected simulation topics. Usually, the courses are tailored to the needs and typical problems, which our customers face in their own engineering projects. This way seminars directly lead to new technical concepts, comparable to work shops. Our courses and seminars are typically visited by technicians with a background in design (CAD) and structural analysis (FEM).

FE Analysis

This seminar gives an overview of FE analyses in practice and basic knowledge of FEM. Furthermore, the content of the seminar can be tailored to the customer’s need. Main topics of the seminar are:

  • Useful hints for Finite Element Method modeling
  • Definition of stress criteria
  • Element selection (hexahedron, tetrahedron)
  • Stress extrapolation
  • Evaluation of FEM solutions
  • Case studies

Lightweight Design

The seminar deals with typical problems of lightweight design:

  • Calculation of stresses in lightweight structures
  • Material selection
  • Joining technology
  • Loss of stability (buckling)


This seminar gives the participants an understanding of fatigue in welded structures. Since most welded joints have small permissible stresses under cyclic loading, structures must be designed appropriately. Main topics of the seminar are:

  • Concept of Wöhler (N-S-curves)
  • Determination of fatigue loads
  • Concepts of fatigue assessment (effective notch stress, structual hot spot stress, nominal stress)
  • Assessment according to standards and guidelines: FKM, DVS1612, DVS1608, EC3, EC9, EN13001, DIN15018
  • Case studies


The application of fibre reinforced polymeres (composites) can be a favorable alternative in cases where low weight and high stiffness is required. The seminar deals with the following topics:

  • Types of fibers and their characteristics
  • Matrix (resin)
  • Production of parts
  • Laminate Theory
  • Stress calculation and assessment
  • design of composite structures

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