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Detailed information:

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  • which safety features your components have
  • how long the service life of your products is
  • when fatigue damage is to be expected in your design
  • whether the welds of your components comply with the standards, and much more.

With LIMIT® you can quickly detect critical zones in structures and analyze them according to different standards and guidelines.

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The main features of the program are:

  • static evaluation and service life evaluation
  • Evaluation of welded and non-welded structures.
  • Element types: Solid, shell and membrane elements
  • Implemented standards and guidelines: FKM, DVS1612, DVS1608, EC3, EC9, …
  • Evaluation of multiaxial stresses according to the method of Dang Van
  • Interfaces via ABAQUS, Nastran, Ansys…

Get started right away:

LIMIT® is particularly easy and intuitive to use. Already after a short introduction via webinar you will be able to perform your own standard-compliant evaluations of FEM results. Convince yourself!

For more information, click here (FAQs) and visit our LIMIT website!


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