Spongy bone

Spongiöser Knochen Simulation
The content of this project concerns the determination of mechanical coefficients of human spongy bone material. This data is to improve the calculation of bone-implant-systems so that the development of newer, improved prosthesis and implants can be made possible.

The determination of the structure of spongy bones (Diameter of a Trabecula with ca. 0.2mm) was made measuring a chosen structure by means of micro-computed tomography (Resolution of 20 mm). The modeling was done through the direct conversion of voxel data into Finite Elements (direct voxel to element method).

The isotropic Youngs’ Moduli were calculated. It was found that the stiffness of bones is ca. 40% higher in longitudinal direction compared to the two transverse directions. This corresponds to an adaption of the loading to the loading through movement, such as walking and running.

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