Bone remodeling

The objective of this project was to ascertain a prediction regarding the bone degeneration as well as the bone healing as a result of varying loads after the implementation of a prosthesis.

The motivation for this project stems from the fact that many prosthesis are formed in a manner causing a partial massive degeneration of the bone. By applying a corresponding forming to the prosthesis this is supposed to be avoided and if possible stimulate bone buildup.

med remodeling3

It was necessary to regard the human bone as ‘building material’ and to determine the mechanical properties and understand the reaction of the bone to the loading (forces). Beyond this, entirely new simulation programs had to be developed, which allow the prediction of the bones reaction (as shown in the diagram).

The figure shows the result of these calculations, through which the successful prediction of areas of bone degeneration [a)] as well as those of bone buildup [b), c)] were made possible. As a result, a new simulation program was created, which can be used for the development of new implants.

med remodeling
med remodeling2


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