FEM sports bra

Period: 2016 – 2018

Goal: Within the biomechanical research projects that we have conducted in recent years, the FEM-Sport-Bra project has an exceptional position. This is because it was the first project in which CAE Simulation & Solutions dealt with the simulation of soft, highly elastic tissue of the human body. In cooperation with the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Vienna (ISW) and with the support of the Vienna Business Agency, the support effect of sports bras was investigated experimentally AND by means of FEM simulation. The reduction of breast oscillations, as well as the pressure distribution between bra and breast as a measure for the wearing comfort, served as criteria for the evaluation. Sixty test subjects were measured by 3D scans and filmed while running using a high-speed camera.

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The 3D scans with and without sports bra were used to create the FE volume models. In order to determine the material properties of the female breast required for the calculation, a swing-out test was carried out, among other things, from which the natural frequency and damping of the breast were calculated.

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