Storage container

The task of a storage container is to carry as much load as possible with as little weight as possible. In addition, simple and cost-effective production plays a decisive role in the design of the containers due to the high number of production steps.

The aim of the project was therefore to optimize the wall thicknesses and simplify the production of the existing container. Through consistent close cooperation with the customer, the mass of the container was reduced by 14%, and at the same time the permissible load was increased by 20%! In particular, the floor construction was significantly simplified in terms of production technology. For the strength verification, the containers were loaded according to EN1991 (Eurocode 1) and evaluated according to EN 1993 (Eurocode 3).

The figures show the old design on the left and the new design on the right. A comparison of the wall thicknesses shows that a greater number of different wall thicknesses are used in the new variant (right) and that different materials are therefore used.

This approach additionally reduces stresses in the highly stressed areas of the structure while increasing them in other areas, resulting in more efficient material utilization.


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