Automated track simulation

Period: 2018 to 2020

Goal: Development of an integral simulation methodology for the calculation/optimization of track systems for roller coasters or summer toboggan runs. Both the MBS simulation and the strength analysis will be carried out in the commercial program ABAQUS. This eliminates the need for data exchange between different simulation programs. Individual steps in the process are:

Definition of the track via Nurbs curves (shock-free curves with best driving comfort)
MBS simulation of the vehicle on the track
Automated creation of the finite element model of the rail run
Strength verification of the rail according to relevant standards
Preparation of the bending plans of the rail tubes for production



2019: Force Zero Track in Copenhagen, Denmark –

click here for pictures of the project!

2020: Force One Track in Gävle, Sweden – watch the video here!

Force one tracks
Force one tracks


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