Pressure vessels design

In most cases, pressure vessels are based on approval regulations. In German-speaking countries, EN13455 or the AD2000 guideline are often used to ensure the safety of pressure equipment BEFORE it is put into operation. Inspection by the TÜV is often done by means of a pressure test in combination with a numerical verification of the lifetime using FEM simulations.

In this project, a pressure vessel of a sterilizer, as used in medical technology or the pharmaceutical industry, was calculated using finite element simulations and evaluated according to AD2000 Merkblatt S1 and S2. The load was based on the combined load of pressure and temperature occurring during sterilization.

The aim of the project was to verify the required fatigue life and test pressure in accordance with AD2000 and to submit the proof of calculation to the TÜV for approval.

The following illustrations show the geometry of the sterilizer and the resulting comparative stresses under thermo-mechanical load.



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