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Simualtion Alpinski 3
Two main criteria for the development of alpine skis are the bending- and torsional-rigidity of the skis. However, regarding the modern rail systems for the mounting of the bindings a change in overall stiffness and therefore the entire performance of the ski is observed.

In this project the bending line and the torsion angle were calculated with the aide of FEM models and compared with measured values. The goal of the study was to determine if a calculation of a complex structure is possible.

Structure of the ski:

– Glass fiber fabric as upper chord
– Foam or wood coring
– Steel edge/ band as lower chord

The significant parameters to be determined for a realistic calculation are:

– Material coefficients
– Mesh structure and size
– Consideration of non linear effects

sport ski
sport ski2

The results:

The calculated bending deviates by 2.5%, the calculated torsion by only 0.5% from the measured values.

The results displayed that when choosing the suitable material parameters a calculation is possible and useful.

It was shown that also alpine skis can be dimensioned rapidly and efficiently using FEM analyses.

This project was carried out for experimental purposes within the scope of a demo project, NOT for industrial puproses.


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