Aluminum foam

The goals on the one hand were the mathematical determination of the mechanical property’s (Youngs-Modulus and Yield Strength) of Aluminium Foam samples. On the other hand a comparison of calculated results, using uni-axial pressure tests, were carried out.

The procedure was carried out in the following steps:

  • Modelling of the material / structure of Aluminium Foam on the basis of computed tomography data.
  • Assignment of density dependent material properties to every finite element on the basis of measured X-Ray attenuation coefficients.

Aluschaum 2

  •  Calculation of the “global” Youngs-Modulus and the Yield Strength of the “entire” Aluminium Foam cube.

Project title:
„Aluminium foam modelling & Aluminium foam properties“

The Result:
The dimensions of the featured Aluminium Foam model are approximately 40 x 20 x 20 mm. Bright areas signify Aluminium; Dark areas signify hollows.


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