CAMed – Clinical Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications

Timeframe: Start 2019, in progress

Goal: Currently, we are part of a research team at Med Uni Graz that aims to develop additive manufacturing processes that will enable the production of patient-specific implants for various medical applications directly in the clinic. Eventually, a medical 3D printing center will be established in Graz. In the project, we perform simulations on FEM models of human structures (thorax, upper arm, skull) based on patient-specific imaging data (CT, MRI, ..) and determine the stiffness of the bony and cartilaginous structures in order to subsequently design implants that have similar properties.

Partners/Funding agencies:

Result: Successful performance of measurements on ribs and cartilage in early 2020 at Meduni Graz to determine the mechanical properties of human cartilage tissue and the rib-vertebral joints. The development of the implants is in progress.


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Dr. Wolfgang Krach

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